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  • President Delivers State of the Union

    President Delivers State of the Union

    On January 20th, President Barack Obama delivered his sixth State of the Union to a Joint Session of Congress. The President outlined his domestic and foreign policy priorities for his two remaining years in office. Read a synopsis of his foreign policy priorities (in Chinese) (AP Photo)

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  • Amb. Baucus in Shanxi

    Amb. Baucus in Shanxi

    Ambassador Max Baucus met with Shanxi Party Secretary Wang Rulin (pictured) on the Ambassador’s recent trip to Shanxi. In addition to meeting with officials, Ambassador Baucus toured a U.S.-China joint venture power plant and met with local U.S. citizens.

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  • Amb. Baucus in Shanxi

    Amb. Baucus in Shanxi

    Ambassador Baucus visited Shanxi and in addition to meeting with Governor Li Xiaopeng (pictured) and other officials, he toured a U.S.-China joint venture power plant and met with local U.S. citizens. He also learned about Shanxi’s famous noodles. (U.S. Embassy photo)

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  • Amb. Discusses Intellectual Property Rights

    Amb. Discusses Intellectual Property Rights

    On January 7, Ambassador Max Baucus addressed the 2015 Roundtable on new Developments of Globalization and Intellectual Property in Beijing (Embassy photo).

East Asia and the Pacific

Embassy Headlines

  • Remarks of Dept. of Commerce General Counsel at Beijing American Center

    Thanks, Steve, for that kind introduction. And thank you to the Beijing American Center for hosting me here today. This is a wonderful venue, and I’m pleased to be here. I am in China this week to speak to the public, academics, legal professionals, the media, Chinese government officials, and U.S. businesses about how the United States and China can work together to promote commercial rule of law.  

  • Commander of USARPAC General Vincent K. Brooks visits Beijing and Haikou to meet with key Chinese PLA leaders and observe US/China military exchange

    The commanding general of U.S. Army Pacific spent several days in China during his visit to the region last week to meet with key People’s Liberation Army leaders, visit the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and observe a U.S.-Chinese military exchange. 

  • Ambassador Baucus Visits Shanxi Province, Highlights Clean Energy Cooperation

    U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Max Baucus, traveled to the cities of Taiyuan and Yangquan in northern China’s Shanxi Province from January 13 – 14, 2015, to highlight U.S.-China cooperation, especially in the area of clean energy and climate change.  

  • Obama Proclamation on Religious Freedom Day 2015

    From many faiths and diverse beliefs, Americans are united by the ideals we cherish. Our shared values define who we are as a people and what we stand for as a Nation. With abiding resolve, generations of patriots have fought — through great conflict and fierce debate — to secure and defend these freedoms, irrevocably weaving them deep into the fabric of our society. Today, we celebrate an early milestone in the long history of one of our country's fundamental liberties.  

  • Kerry on 5th Anniversary of Liu Xiaobo’s Conviction

    Nobel Peace Prize laureate and writer Liu Xiaobo today spends the fifth anniversary of his conviction for “inciting subversion” in prison, serving out an 11-year sentence. The United States remains deeply concerned that China continues to incarcerate Liu Xiaobo and hold his wife, Liu Xia, in extralegal house arrest. Liu Xiaobo is a courageous and eloquent spokesperson recognized throughout the world for his long and non-violent advocacy for human rights and democracy in China. We reiterate our call on China to release Liu Xiaobo and to remove all restrictions on Liu Xia.  

  • 25th U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Concludes with Key Outcomes

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman hosted a Chinese delegation led by Vice Premier Wang Yang for the 25th session of the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT), which took place in Chicago. At the conclusion of the discussions, the United States announced key outcomes in the areas of agricultural market access, intellectual property rights protection, innovation policies, and competition law enforcement. Through sustained engagement over the course of this past year, the United States and China have reached agreement in several areas of key importance to U.S. farmers, innovators, manufacturers and workers.  

  • Ambassador Baucus’s Remarks to the American Chamber of Commerce – Shanghai, December 2, 2014

    AMBASSADOR BAUCUS: Thank you Hanscom very much for that very kind introduction. Before I go any further, I’d just like to say that Hanscom Smith is one of our best Consul Generals, not just in China but around the world. I’m a big fan of Hanscom Smith. Let’s give a big round of applause to Hanscom. Thanks as well to Ken Jarett. I’m getting to know Ken better all the time. There’s nothing like four visits to Shanghai to get to know Ken Jarett a little better. He’s a great guy. As well as Bob Theleen, I’m a big admirer of Bob Theleen too, and for their joint leadership in the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. 

  • Remarks by the President at the Business Round Roundtable

    Let me just give you a sense of where I think our economy currently is, what’s happening around the world and where I think it should be, and the chances for us here in Washington to accelerate rather than impede some of the progress that we've made. Around this time six years ago, America’s businesses were shedding about 800,000 jobs per month. Today, our businesses, including some of the most important businesses in the world that are represented here today, have created over 10.6 million new jobs; 56 months of uninterrupted job growth, which is the longest private sector job growth in our history. We just saw the best six-month period of economic growth in over a decade. For the first time in six years, the unemployment rate is under 6 percent.  

  • Human Rights Day Statement by Ambassador Max Baucus

    Today we celebrate International Human Rights Day and commemorate the 66th anniversary of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the United States, we use this day to reflect on the importance of human rights, as outlined in the Universal Declaration. We Americans know from our own national experience that promoting justice and respect for human dignity is difficult, never-ending work. We have made progress. More must be done. 

  • Asst. Secretary Russel Testimony: Evaluating the Impact of the “Umbrella Movement”

    Today’s hearing is timely given the debate taking place in Hong Kong over electoral reforms and the implementation of universal suffrage for the 2017 selection of Hong Kong’s next Chief Executive. I welcome this opportunity to share with the Committee the Administration’s views and response to political developments in Hong Kong, particularly with regard to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s (NPCSC) August 31 decision and the Hong Kong Government’s response to the protests. I would also like to touch on the importance of our relationship with Hong Kong under the “One Country, Two Systems” framework. 

  • Ambassador Baucus’s Remarks at Tsinghua University

    Thank you very much, Dean Yan. That was very generous, your introduction. It’s wonderful to be here at Tsinghua University. This is a wonderful room here. I wish I had such a wonderful lecture hall when I went to college. This is very nice. I’m very envious of all of you.  

  • Ambassador Baucus's Statement on World AIDS Day

    World AIDS Day is an important opportunity for people around the world to renew our commitment to the global fight against HIV and to achieving an AIDS-free generation. For more than a decade, the United States and China have worked together on public health initiatives and research to prevent, treat and control HIV.  

  • Remarks by President Obama in Joint Press Conference with President Xi Jinping

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, thank you, President Xi, for welcoming me and my delegation to Beijing and for the extraordinary hospitality that you and the Chinese people have shown to me on this state visit. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the people of China for the warmth and kindness they showed my wife Michelle and our daughters, as well as my mother-in-law when they came to visit China earlier this year -- another sign of the enduring friendship between our peoples. 

  • Ambassador Baucus Press Conference on Visas and Open Doors

    AMBASSADOR BAUCUS: This afternoon I am very pleased to announce that the number of Chinese students in the United States has once again set a new record. According to the 2014 Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange, almost 275,000 Chinese students studied in the United States last year. That’s an increase of almost 39,000 students from the year before. 

  • President Obama’s Interview with Xinhua News Agency

    Thanks to the hard work of both our peoples, Chinese and Americans, we see ties and cooperation between our countries that would have been unthinkable 35 years ago. Our workers, entrepreneurs and businesses are the backbone of a massive trade relationship that supports jobs in both our nations and helps power the global economy.  


  • Emergency Contact
    Emergency Contact
    If you are an American citizen in China with an after-hours emergency, please call 010-8531-4000.  If you are calling from the United States, dial (011-8610) 8531-4000.


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