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Fulbright Alumni

I am a US-China Fulbright Program Alumni!

I am a US-China Fulbright Program Alumni!

Since 1979, over 3,000 Americans and Chinese have participated in the US-China Fulbright Programs.  It has become a very prestigious group of scholars and leaders.

Chinese US-China Fulbright Program Alumni 

My Fulbright experience in the United States was of happiness, abundant harvests, and fond memories, though not without regrets. I am certain that it will play an important part in my future research work and intellectual life...The most memorable experiences were with my American friends.”- Niu Ke 2012-2013, VRS Alum, Peking University 

American US-China Fulbright Program Alumni

“…this [Fulbright Scholarship] year was profoundly wonderful on every level – educational, transformational, eye-opening, and intensely fascinating.  We all came away from the year feeling stronger and smarter, and proud of our ability to acclimate to a very different world… As Fulbright alumni, all of us see ourselves, our country, and China in new ways, and have built a treasured network of dear Chinese friends and colleagues.– Amy Werbel, 2011-2012, US Fulbright Lecturer