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American Law Library

In 1998, President Jiang Zemin and President Bill Clinton agreed to a "Presidential Rule of Law Initiative" to expand bilateral cooperation in the field of law. In 2000, the Public Affairs Section of the American Embassy and the China University of Political Science and Law Publishing House -- as part of the Embassy's China Book Translation Program -- agreed on the long term goal of translating 100 American law textbooks into Chinese and publishing Chinese editions. The Embassy and the CUPSL Publishing House have also co-sponsored two conferences for legal translation experts. These are the titles in the "American Law Library" published to date.

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A History of the Supreme Court

The American Supreme Court

American Legal Thought from Premodernism to Postmodernism

An Introduction to Legal Reasoning


Basic Concepts of Criminal Law

Basic Text on Labor Law

Business Law

Causation in the Law

Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure Doctrine

Common Law, The

Common Law Tradition, The

Constitution and Criminal Procedure, The

Contracts: Case and Materials I   II

Contracts (Third Edition)

Contract Law and Morality

Courts: A Comparative and Political Analysis

Criminal Procedure I  II

Cyber Law:  The Law of the Internet

Death Penalty, The: A Debate

Dispute Resolution --- Negotiation, Mediation, and Other Processes

Evidence Law A drift

Family law

Form and Substance in Anglo -- American law

Free Markets and Social Justice

Game Theory Introduction and Applications

Intellectual Property

International Law: Politics and Values

Judicial Activism

Law and Social Norms

Law of Securities Regulation

Law School

Laws and Morals

Legal Modernism


Natural Law and Natural Right

McCormick on Evidence

Order without Law

Overcoming Law

Ownership of Enterprise, The

Process of Constitutional Decisionmaking

Property Cases and Materials

Regulation of Financial Institutions

Risk and Reason --- Safety, Law, and the Environment

Simple Rules for a Complex World

Theoretical Criminology

Transformation of American Law

Warren Court and American Politics

Warren Court and the Pursuit of Justice, The

Webvertising: Unfair Competition and Trademarks on the Internet

What Should Legal Analysis Become?