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Supporting U.S. Governors Visiting China

Sub-National Cooperation

Sub-National Cooperation Team
The U.S. Mission to China has launched an interagency U.S. government team to promote cooperation between American and Chinese sub-national leaders. We are pleased to provide tailored programs and services to U.S. governors visiting China. For more information, contact our sub-national team at

Trade Promotion
The U.S. Commercial Service offers governor-led missions and participating constituent firms a variety of fee-based market entry options that are designed to promote exports from, and investments in, your state. Our services include arranging receptions, setting up business matchmaking sessions, conducting due diligence on potential business partners and providing detailed information on opportunities in major cities and over 14 emerging regional markets. We also stage pavilions at major trade and investment shows each year. For more information, visit or email

The Foreign Agricultural Service can arrange key meetings with industry associations for governor-led missions, organize trade pavilions at major shows and provide detailed information about the Chinese market and prospects for U.S. agricultural and food exports. For more information, visit

Country Briefings
Senior officers at the Embassy are available to brief U.S. governors and their delegations. Our China Country Team can provide an overview of China's economic, political and social environment, as well as the state of U.S.-China bilateral relations. To schedule a briefing, contact our sub-national team at

Provincial Contacts
The U.S. Mission’s Outreach and Engagement teams have extensive contacts in and knowledge of China's provinces. We can provide economic snapshots of provinces that have the potential to import goods and services from your state, facilitate meeting requests with key industry representatives and provide bio and background information on provincial leaders. Our teams can coordinate across the U.S. Mission, including with our consulates, to provide assistance and counsel regarding your provincial initiatives. We can help identify potential partners in the media, education and government who could assist in facilitating public outreach events. For more information, contact our sub-national team at

Our Environment, Science, Technology and Health (ESTH) office can inform your team about ongoing EcoPartnerships between several states, universities or industries and their Chinese counterparts to advance energy security and promote environmental sustainability. ESTH can provide you with information on how your state can apply for similar EcoPartnerships. For more information, contact our ESTH office at

People-to-People Exchanges
The U.S. Mission promotes people-to-people exchanges through a rich variety of programs. Our Cultural Affairs office can provide background information and advice about conditions on the ground in China with respect to setting up exchange programs. We can help cultural and arts groups from your state establish relationships with Chinese organizations. Our EducationUSA office can advise and assist schools from your state seeking to attract Chinese students and partner with Chinese institutions of higher learning. For more information, contact EducationUSA China at

Media Outreach
Our Public Affairs office can assist with your media strategy while in China. We can provide contacts to foreign and Chinese media which will allow you to disseminate press releases and arrange interviews. We can offer advice on local media reporting during your visit and assist in finding suitable local partners to organize media outreach events. We can also guide you on how to best to work with the Chinese media for maximum effect. For more information, contact our Press Office at